Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Choir

Just a quick note to mention how proud I was of our kids tonight! They both had a Christmas choir concert and they sang their hearts out. Hannah even had a short solo and Caleb played the chimes. It was beautiful!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My personality?

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Taking a deep breath

At the beginning of this past weekend, I remember saying to Todd that I wish we weren't so busy. We went to a friends house Friday night, celebrated my nephews birthday Sat morning and then went to a Christmas party on Saturday night. Then Sunday morning I was supposed to be at church at 8:00a to lead the kids ministry in songs for both services, then go out with some friends of ours after church. All of those plans were good things and most of them even fun, but I have been fighting against a possible sinus infection since last Monday and it has left me tired and a bit cranky at times. Despite all of our plans, I had no idea what God had planned with the weather Sunday morning. Sure, I knew there was a storm coming and the snow was pounding down on our way home on Saturday, but I really didn't think we would wake up to text messages at 6:30 am telling us that church was canceled!

It sounds terrible, but I was slightly relieved that I didn't have to brave the unplowed streets and even more glad not to have to dance and sing for two church services. Breathing alone, at times, can be a challenge! Throughout the entire day, I kept having to remind myself that it was indeed Sunday. Even though, I know we don't have to attend church to have time with God, I really did in the end, miss going. That evening, Todd and I took the kids to a get together with friends from church. Sure we didn't read the Bible together or pray, but being with them gave me the sense that I had experienced just a bit of Rockpointe "Community".

Today there was a school "snow day" due to unpaved subdivision roads so we were once again stuck in the house. Apparently, the neighbors had told their kids they could not play inside, because slowly they arrived at OUR house. As tiny as our home is, it seemed to be very popular the last few days!

Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I am thankful when God gives us a moment to pause in the haste of life. It has been a battle this season trying to keep in the true spirit of Christmas because it all gets buried in the business. I hope if you were stuck inside like I was, you took a little time to reflect and take a breath. Sinus infection or not, it always feels good to breathe.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It takes quite a lot to get me upset about things. Lately, however, I have become sad, then hurt, than just angry over the way Christians have treated others. It seems that with the movie "The Golden Compass", it has brought out the worst in some. I find it ironic that we as Christ followers are called to reach the world with God's love and yet we berate, belittle and call other followers "sinners". I can't understand why trying to be open and wanting to learn more about a movie with so much controversy is suddenly a sin and a reason to tell another Christian that they are in fact "not" if they move in that direction. I am tired of those who should be standing beside us in the battle of sin and life itself, instead turning and attacking those who stand on the same side. I am tired of Christians believing that everything is a battle. Yes, there are two sides and we need to chose one. However, perhaps the way that Jesus treated sinners and those who weren't from the "church" would be a clearer example of how we should act towards them and each other. Not attacking those who don't see things through your view would be a start. Not telling people you no longer respect them because they go to see a movie in order to learn more about it. What are we showing the world?

Until now, I have maintained a level of calm but right now, honestly, I am ticked. We are ALL sinners first of all. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. But I am also not afraid that my faith is so weak that I can not go into the fire and try to reach those people who may be searching.

If this is what I must take in order to do what I feel God is calling me to do, I will. But I can't sit back and watch us eat each other alive either.

To all those who are on the offensive, please take a deep breath and lower your sword. Its digging much too deep into my skin.

Monday, December 10, 2007

10 Signs You Are An Internet Junkie

I was telling my brother in law at work today that I check my email several times a day. Its like a rush whenever I get new mail than such a let down when I find its only junk. Anyway, on that subject, I created my own list of how to determine whether or not you are an internet junkie.

10 signs you are an internet junkie.

1. You watch TV while cruising the internet.

2. Your keyboard has crumbs in it

3. You begin to talk in html language when describing a link to your best friend

4. You met your best friend online

5. You check your email more than you sit down for meals

6. You can’t go to bed until every Myspace, Facebook, email, website and forum of yours has been checked for new messages or comments.

7. You have more internet friends than friends.

8. Your couch has a permanent TV tray in front of it so you can rest your lap top.

9. You base your decision where eat out on whether or not they provide free WiFi

10. You post from the toilet

Friday, December 07, 2007

I left the baby behind

When I was pregnant and even more so when my children were infants, I used to have repetitive dreams that I had left my baby behind. The location varied, sometimes I left them at the store, in the car or just simply forgot them at home. In each dream, I would panic when I realized that the baby was not with me and franticly attempt to return to the place I left them. The journey back always took so much effort and time.
Lately, I have begun to feel like that again. Not that I left my 10 and 8 year old somewhere, but that an even more important infant has been forgotten.
I have been so busy trying to work out finances, buy gifts, going to work and living everyday life that somehow I have once again forgotten the reason I celebrate Christmas. If it wasn't for the grace of God and his gift of Jesus more than 2000 yrs ago I would not know the love, mercy and blessings that through Him I have experienced. The last two years have been full of pain, redemption, blessings, confusion, small moments of clarity... Too many experiences to fit in this short post. Each fall has reminded me how much I have needed God and each victory gives more revelation to His love for me. Without Christ, I am nothing, have nothing and need everything. With Him, I am in need of nothing. I have purpose, meaning and a goal to work towards. I don't ever want to run in panic searching for Him again. I don't ever want to feel the loss that comes with knowing I am alone.

God help me to keep my focus on You so that I never forget the gift you gave. Don't let me leave the baby behind.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Golden Compass leading others astray?

A lot of controversy has been appearing over the new movie, "The Golden Compass". The first time I saw a commercial for it I thought, "Hey, that looks interesting!". I had no idea it was based on a book series or that many Christians were boycotting the movie, I just saw a fantasy movie that intrigued me. Then the emails and messages began to come from Christian friends of ours and I began to look beyond the innocent appearance and deeper into what has made so many upset.

Recently, I received an email from a friend that gave a little more information by Crosswalk. The quote I liked best from the email was the following:
... when Christians start warning the culture about something dangerous, we often get a backlash. And it is worse if we are not prepared. If we just go out there and tell people, "This movie is about kids who kill God!" we just get a reputation as ill-informed scolds. Already that is starting to happen.

That quote is so true. We as Christians can get so defensive and angry when our faith is attacked. Look at the Christians who burned Harry Potter books or boycotted "The Da Vinci Code". They certainly got attention from those who did not call themselves "believers" but unfortunately it was not the kind of attention we needed. They reacted quickly with very little information as if a bomb would go off if they didn't put out the wick soon enough. Somehow I think we have given into the idea that if we don't stand up for Christ with fury, He will be defeated. Christianity has been around since the beginning of creation. Maybe not in the form it is today, but even so, from the Israelites to the modern day martyrs, we will always be under attack. Now, please understand that I don't believe we should lay down and die to every cause against us. I simply believe that if we stand firm on the Truth, which is Jesus, then as each storm passes (and they will pass) we can lead others just by loving them and remaining calm. I think that there is such a thing as standing up for our beliefs without the need to ban, abolish, or post hateful rhetoric. Amazingly, most of what is posted in the anger of reaction is full of half truths that have been passed on by well-meaning Christian leaders. I respect those Christians who take the time to read up on controversies so that they do not in turn pass on invalid arguments. I even more respect those who pick up the book or movie and go directly to the source for information. Only then should we take up our cross and with intelligence address the issue.

With all of that said, will I see the movie? Probably not. I am most certainly drawn to it and curiosity has made me even more inclined, though I may wait to rent it when it comes to the video store. My intention in seeing it would be to find out what it is that the author is communicating and hopefully give me better arguments against the message. However, I don't plan on getting involved in any debate until I have valid information from the movie (or book) itself. Whether or not you decide to see the movie or read the book, I really hope you will make sure your sources are solid before spreading any misinformation accidentally.

Here is a blog that we found helpful in our search for more knowledge on this movie.