Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joy in Obedience

My tendency is to be a self-defeating person. I over think situations and many times discount them before they even begin. When we, The River Church staff, began looking into the Daniel Fast and preparing for it, I was very hesitant. I had never participated in one and knowing that this would stretch over three weeks made me want to run!! I came up with lots of excuses as to why it would be difficult, but in the end, I was obedient to what I knew God was challenging me to do.

I have been asked several time what God has been doing in me through this time of fasting and for a while, I was not sure how to answer. I haven't heard God's voice loud and clear or had a huge revelation, but as I began to seek God as to what this fast was about for me, I realized that it was something far simpler. Obedience. I was so full of myself running up to the fast that I had made my feelings, my convenience- ME- a priority instead of GOD. Letting go of the fear and agitation wasn't over night, but as the first week came to a close I was so full of joy! I had made it one week and I knew that God would be there for me the rest of the way. As much as I don't have any desire to change over to a vegan lifestyle :), I feel such peace that my obedience has taken me to a new level in my relationship with God.

Today is my birthday and though I won't be celebrating with cake and a big dinner, I am joyful. What a better way then to start out another year sacrificing my personal desires for HIS.

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