Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Golden Compass leading others astray?

A lot of controversy has been appearing over the new movie, "The Golden Compass". The first time I saw a commercial for it I thought, "Hey, that looks interesting!". I had no idea it was based on a book series or that many Christians were boycotting the movie, I just saw a fantasy movie that intrigued me. Then the emails and messages began to come from Christian friends of ours and I began to look beyond the innocent appearance and deeper into what has made so many upset.

Recently, I received an email from a friend that gave a little more information by Crosswalk. The quote I liked best from the email was the following:
... when Christians start warning the culture about something dangerous, we often get a backlash. And it is worse if we are not prepared. If we just go out there and tell people, "This movie is about kids who kill God!" we just get a reputation as ill-informed scolds. Already that is starting to happen.

That quote is so true. We as Christians can get so defensive and angry when our faith is attacked. Look at the Christians who burned Harry Potter books or boycotted "The Da Vinci Code". They certainly got attention from those who did not call themselves "believers" but unfortunately it was not the kind of attention we needed. They reacted quickly with very little information as if a bomb would go off if they didn't put out the wick soon enough. Somehow I think we have given into the idea that if we don't stand up for Christ with fury, He will be defeated. Christianity has been around since the beginning of creation. Maybe not in the form it is today, but even so, from the Israelites to the modern day martyrs, we will always be under attack. Now, please understand that I don't believe we should lay down and die to every cause against us. I simply believe that if we stand firm on the Truth, which is Jesus, then as each storm passes (and they will pass) we can lead others just by loving them and remaining calm. I think that there is such a thing as standing up for our beliefs without the need to ban, abolish, or post hateful rhetoric. Amazingly, most of what is posted in the anger of reaction is full of half truths that have been passed on by well-meaning Christian leaders. I respect those Christians who take the time to read up on controversies so that they do not in turn pass on invalid arguments. I even more respect those who pick up the book or movie and go directly to the source for information. Only then should we take up our cross and with intelligence address the issue.

With all of that said, will I see the movie? Probably not. I am most certainly drawn to it and curiosity has made me even more inclined, though I may wait to rent it when it comes to the video store. My intention in seeing it would be to find out what it is that the author is communicating and hopefully give me better arguments against the message. However, I don't plan on getting involved in any debate until I have valid information from the movie (or book) itself. Whether or not you decide to see the movie or read the book, I really hope you will make sure your sources are solid before spreading any misinformation accidentally.

Here is a blog that we found helpful in our search for more knowledge on this movie.


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