Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tangled Unwound

Our family recently had the privilege of pre-screening the new Disney Movie Tangled in 3D. While I had heard the Rapunzel story as a child growing up, I honestly couldn't remember much about it except that there was a girl with long hair and a witch who held her captive. As the storyline of Tangled unfolded, I knew almost immediately that the writers had added a great deal of back story to the tale. It added a new dimension to Rapunzel and her very VERY long hair. The characters had a lot of personality and I found myself being drawn in very quickly. There were many entertaining characters, especially in one scene in which Rapunzel and her "guide", Flynn Rider, are checking out a local "diner". The climax of the story was full of emotion and excitement. I honestly felt myself getting teary and rooting for the "good guys". In the end, the resolution was fairy tale-ish, yet full of fun.
Besides the engaging story line, I was most drawn to the animation itself. There were many times, the things on the screen seemed so "real". I am not one for spending a lot at the theater, but I have to say of all the movies I have seen in 3D, this would be far worth the extra spent. Overall, I was very impressed with Tangled. Even our 11 year old son said he enjoyed it (though he will be sure not to admit that to anyone at school). If you are considering taking your kids, I would say "GO FOR IT!".

In case you haven't seen the trailer check it out:


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