Monday, December 17, 2007

Taking a deep breath

At the beginning of this past weekend, I remember saying to Todd that I wish we weren't so busy. We went to a friends house Friday night, celebrated my nephews birthday Sat morning and then went to a Christmas party on Saturday night. Then Sunday morning I was supposed to be at church at 8:00a to lead the kids ministry in songs for both services, then go out with some friends of ours after church. All of those plans were good things and most of them even fun, but I have been fighting against a possible sinus infection since last Monday and it has left me tired and a bit cranky at times. Despite all of our plans, I had no idea what God had planned with the weather Sunday morning. Sure, I knew there was a storm coming and the snow was pounding down on our way home on Saturday, but I really didn't think we would wake up to text messages at 6:30 am telling us that church was canceled!

It sounds terrible, but I was slightly relieved that I didn't have to brave the unplowed streets and even more glad not to have to dance and sing for two church services. Breathing alone, at times, can be a challenge! Throughout the entire day, I kept having to remind myself that it was indeed Sunday. Even though, I know we don't have to attend church to have time with God, I really did in the end, miss going. That evening, Todd and I took the kids to a get together with friends from church. Sure we didn't read the Bible together or pray, but being with them gave me the sense that I had experienced just a bit of Rockpointe "Community".

Today there was a school "snow day" due to unpaved subdivision roads so we were once again stuck in the house. Apparently, the neighbors had told their kids they could not play inside, because slowly they arrived at OUR house. As tiny as our home is, it seemed to be very popular the last few days!

Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I am thankful when God gives us a moment to pause in the haste of life. It has been a battle this season trying to keep in the true spirit of Christmas because it all gets buried in the business. I hope if you were stuck inside like I was, you took a little time to reflect and take a breath. Sinus infection or not, it always feels good to breathe.


At 8:11 PM, Blogger Atypical Girl said...

You should try doing nasal irrigation after your sinus infection clears...I've been doing it and it's really helped...and you know my sinus troubles.


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