Thursday, October 18, 2007

We're back

"Hi, Caleb, we are leaving Nana and Papa's house right now and will be home around 8:30."
"Okay, he-he,"
"Can you tell Grandma?"
"Yes" Giggling erupts.
"Caleb, what is so funny?"
"Cause you got us something!"

Thus is the conversation that greeted me as we drove our final stretch of our long return home on Monday night.

We spent a relaxing, refreshing week aboard the Pacific Catalyst exploring the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington. Todd and I traveled with 8 friends of ours that we meet on YMX a forum for youth workers and ministers. Two of our friends, Bill and Shannon owned the boat that took us on our adventure. And what an adventure it was!

We hiked up trails and hills, kayaked the bays and went on long boat rides searching for sea life. I have not laughed so hard, felt so free or experienced anything like that before last week. Each turn around the corner brought such breath-taking beauty and amazing appreciation for the wonders God created. To think that much of those lands are rarely experienced by the outside world was unbelievable. We watched a seal fighting with sea gulls as he tried to consume his fish. We laughed in amazement as three porpoises danced in and out of the current in the front of the boat. They were so close, it felt as if we could have touched them. We sat and observed the mighty eagle soar above us or sit regally in a tree as we passed. We discovered dozens of trees that had been knocked over by the wind, taken over by fungus and new growth or just towering above us. We listened to the ocean lap over the rocks and shore and the quiet serenity of the waves as they splashed the sides of the boat.
We were feed till our stomachs could not hold anymore, sang silly songs and then songs reflecting God's beauty we beheld. We shared stories of fond memories, silly teenage loves and our deep-felt heartaches. We built friendships I will treasure for a long time.

Upon arriving back in Sidney, BC to catch the first leg of our trip back, I was content and ready to return home. It was a longer trip back then planned, but after our flight canceled, spending one extra night in a hotel and arriving three flights later, I looked upon the picture Todd had captured his last morning on the boat and the peace I had gained while there returned.
I am so thankful for the gift Bill and Shannon gave us. I hope they are blessed many times over for their hospitality and overwhelming generosity.



At 4:12 PM, Blogger Atypical Girl said...

Caleb's all about getting his gifts...what a cutie!

I had a good time singing silly songs, hiking around, looking at slugs,and having girl time in the front and back of the boat.

Our flight was so sad without you and Todd. But I'm glad you're home safely.

At 8:56 AM, Blogger Kim said...

Yeah, I was pretty upset about our flight changes, but in the end all I wanted to do was get home at that point!
I loved spending time with you too.


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