Monday, November 05, 2007


Todd tagged me so here it goes...

November 1997- Todd and I had survived our first year as newly weds and were about to celebrate #2! Hannah was about 4 months old and I was working in a home daycare which was 2 blocks from my mom's house.

November 1987-I was eleven yrs old and I believe in 5th grade. That was a horribly awkward year because I was put in an expander for my upper jaw, growing too fast for my body to catch up (causing me to be very clumsy), and was about to get glasses for the first time. YIKES! It also was the year I starred in "The Music Machine" as one of the main characters at church.

November 1977- I was just 22 months old and became a big sister the month before. My parents were waiting for our house to be built, so we lived with Herman and Virginia Shulz who became our great "aunt" and "uncle".


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