Saturday, August 04, 2007

Personal trainer

When I look at the machines at the World Gym, all I see is a mass of metal and weights that look way to complicated or embarrassing to try. So today, Todd and I had an appointment with a trainer from our new gym (where I received those free memberships a few weeks ago). Our trainer was this huge guy who has been working out for over 30 years so I felt very intimidated to try anything in his presence. However, as time went on, I realized he was really compassionate and was being conscience not to embarrass either of us. It was great to have the trainer take us around and not only explain what various machines were for, but also to give us a quick training so that we could create a workout on our own. I've never had a gym membership before nor have I worked out with a trainer so the experience was really positive in the end. I now feel I can walk into the gym and not feel like an alien. What I was once dreading to do now makes me eager to return and try it again.

That is when my arms stop feeling like jello!


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