Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Getting in shape for God?

I have not been involved in the children's ministry since we left our last church and the main reason was because I did not want to commit to too many areas of ministry. It is very tempting to join up with everything you enjoy but I have begun to learn that more is not better. The opportunity to serve with the children came after I mentioned to someone that I'd love to be involved with the Kid Zone worship. That "someone" happened to be married to the "other someone" who organizes the worship for the kids and so it was not long before I got an invitation to join them.

On Sunday, I tackled my first attempt to help lead Kid's Zone worship at our church. It consisted of me jumping around for about 10 minutes and trying to remember the words of the songs as I formed the motions at the same time. It was a little awkward, but... I loved it!

The moment that I knew I was where I was suppose to be came in first service, when the kindergarten group came in. There were a few in the front who did not take their eyes off me as they enthusiastically jumped along with me. It was so precious to watch and I admit I had to fight back a little bit of "parent pride" as my own children (who were standing with the older groups) joined in as well. I probably looked like a fool and I know it was certainly not my best vocal performance, but I really believe it was important to those kids.

After finishing the worship songs for second service, I made a comment to the leader that I would need to start working out again if I was going to keep up with them.

God has a funny sense of humor.

Monday, I got a call from World Gym saying that I won 2 two year memberships. I did not connect the two events until I was driving to work the next day. Looks like I will be hitting the gym next week since apparently an important Someone thinks my involvement with the kids should continue. :)


At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

aww.. kim that is so cool! i love how god works in those ways!
~amanda O.

At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Corinne Henry said...

I love it! you are so adorable and I'm sure those kids love you to death already! And... from what I know of you and your energy level those kids are going to have to start working out to keep up with YOU!


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