Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Prince Charming Syndrome

When I was a little girl my absolute favorite musical was "Rogers and Hammerstein's, Cinderella". Not the more current version with Brandy as Cinderella, but the older (perhaps cheesier) version with Leslie Ann Warren. I knew all of the songs and scenes. I would go into our basement with a few friends who would graciously play the parts of the evil step sisters and reenact the moment when I, Cinderella, first spot the prince at the ball. I loved that glimmer in their eyes, the pause and speechless anticipation as she gently glides down the staircase and joins hands with the prince (who swiftly sweeps her onto the dance floor). It was magical.

I recently was in a conversation with a close friend about the process of figuring out which church is the "ONE". I think part of me is expecting this magical breathtaking moment where we will just "know" its where we are suppose to go. We have had some that felt like the "one" and others that just didn't do anything for us. My friend finally asked something so simple, yet so very profound. She said, "Do you remember when you would dream of the moment when you would finally meet the one you were going to marry? Did you believe, like most little girls, that it would be 'love at first sight'? Do you think that perhaps you are expecting the same thing with finding the right church?" It seems so immature to think that way, yet I really think she was right. I AM expecting "love at first sight". Another pastor friend of ours told Todd that sometimes is not about feeling peace, but about doing God's will, no matter how it feels. I think our heads and hearts were in the expectation that our feelings will just tell us where to go but the truth is, feelings are not always reliable. Sometimes, they reflect too much of our flesh and selfishness. Sometimes, they just reveal our preconceived ideas or perceptions. They are not always tied up closely to God's will.

This new revelation does not make our task any easier, but it gives me a different perception. In some ways, its even a relief. It takes the focus off of me and onto truly seeking God's will. It means that if I feel "bad" about a situation or maybe just "uneasy" I don't need to focus on that. I just need to keep my eyes steady on the path that He is making and follow obediently. If it means things may be uncomfortable then I'll be a bit uncomfortable knowing that the God who formed me and knows my deepest desires also loves me more than I could imagine and wants the very best for me.


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