Monday, February 09, 2009


My title pretty much sums up what I am feeling at this moment. What a ride we have been on lately! My last blog was about how God was providing for us in amazing ways. Well, He didn't end there! That same week, Todd sent a resume to a church in Texas and the next day, he was called by the pastor for an over the phone interview. The conversation went really well and Todd was very hopeful that they might fly him out there for a face to face meeting. Saturday night, the pastor sent Todd an email asking when we could come out. We were shocked! We quickly made childcare arrangements and instead of celebrating my birthday the following weekend, we flew out to College Station, Texas to visit the church. After a great weekend (see Todd's blog for more details), we came back home excited and in high hopes that Todd would be chosen for the director of student and college age position.

This past weekend, another candidate came to the church and had his opportunity to make an impression. I have fought the desire to hope the worst for him :) and instead have been praying that he might discover that the church is not a place he wants to minister at. I thought that was a safe prayer. Most of all, I am praying that Todd stand out as the best candidate when it comes to his heart for teens and college students and his desire for them to know God. I admit that the idea of going so far is scary and overwhelming, but if this is what God has planned, I will embrace it wholeheartedly. We have been asking God to guide us down the path He wants us on and though until now it has been a dark road, we are expecting great things when we finally arrive at our destination.


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I've been praying!


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