Friday, May 08, 2009

Rainbow in the Midst of the Storm

This evening, Hannah and I were planting some Marigolds in the flowerbeds to add color for our ninth showing at our house tomorrow. I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I only bought a small amount, but it was amazing what a difference they made. Just as I got to the last flowerbed, thunder began to roll in and so I frantically planted the rest and hurried inside. A few minutes later, the wind began to blow, rain began to pelt the ground and the fresh crisp scent of spring filled the house. Safely inside, I enjoyed just watching from the window as the new flowers got their first taste of rainwater. It was euphoric.

As we have struggled through the last five months, I have been amazed how that same feeling has been with me. I know that we are facing so much "unknown" and I can hear the thunder and see the storms rolling in, yet, I feel safe. Safe inside, protected from the wind and rain and noise. Instead of trying to dodge each obstacle, it has become increasingly like we are just able to sit back and watch God move. I suppose there are many people who go through their entire lives being able to see God visibly maneuver. We have not had that privilege. For the longest time, we have been praying with no answers. Waiting, with no end in sight. But lately, that has changed. As we have let go of the things we have taken for granted, a job, a house, we have been given small glimpses of God doing something. I am still not sure where we will be in three months, but I know God has something planned for us. And even more, I am at peace with whatever that is.

In the middle of the rain, I glanced outside again and caught sight of a stunning burst of color in the sky. The rainbow stretched in a giant arch over the distant horizon and I grabbed the camera to capture the moment. I was so caught up with the excitement, that I barely noticed the rain that was quickly soaking one half of me. It was a beautiful moment.

I am so hopeful that soon, we too, will see our "rainbow". I can sense its coming. And I can't even imagine the joy we will feel when it finally breaks out across our lives.

We are ready.


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