Friday, June 08, 2007

This is why

This past week I had a very old friend contact me through myspace. Not old as in age, but more like how long ago I knew her. We grew up down the street from each other. She had begun coming to our church, Rockpointe , and thought she had seen me there. I was really excited because not only was she someone from my past, but she is also searching out her faith! I sent her a message back and told her I'd be looking for her as well.

Then we come to this morning...

I woke up to my seven yr old telling me very proudly that he had a dream about reading and so he had been reading books. Confused that something did not feel quite right, I glanced at the clock to discover it was 25 minutes AFTER the time my kids should have been at the bus stop. AHHH!! I jumped out of bed yelling that everyone needed to get dressed quick and in 15 minutes we were out the door. While I was signing my kids into school (they were tardy for the day) another mom came in with her son.

"Do I know you?" she asked.

At first, I just brushed it off and said " I don't know."

But she was very persistent in figuring out where we had known each other from and as as began to discuss friends , I realized that she also seemed very familiar. We discovered that she was friends with a member of our previous church who I also knew. Matter of fact, we had been to many of the same small groups, parties and so on. During our quest, she asked if I sang at Rockpointe and I said "yes". Apparently, she and her family were looking for a church and had visited ours over the summer while our pastor was on vacation. We had a long conversation about churches and how they had "given up" in the search so I encouraged her to try our church again. She agreed and said she believed that is was God that brought us together.

When I returned home, I began to toss her last comment around and the more I thought about it, I became overwhelmed. My alarm clock was set for 7 am yet for some reason it never went off. God knew that unless I over slept I would not drive my kids to school and have to sign them in. He also knew Laura drove her son, but since she ALSO was late, we both ended up in the office together. How amazing can that coincidence be?

There are still times when I begin to question why God brought us to Rockpointe. We feel so at home there but yet we still have faith that God will put Todd back into ministry. It can get confusing when we try to rationalize it out. Though these encounters do not confirm why we are there, it gives me continued hope that God's bigger purpose has yet to be revealed and while we wait He is leading more sheep to join us.

That to me is extremely exciting!


At 9:26 AM, Blogger Ms. Right Now said...

I think this is very cool. God knows what He's doing. We don't always see how His hand is moving, and we just have to trust that it is. Still, along the way, He does give us these reminders, "I am here. I am working. Trust Me."


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