Saturday, March 17, 2007

The jokes on me!

Last night I went out to dinner with the sopranos in Rockpointe's choir. We went to Red Robin in Clinton Twp. and since we had 12 women expected, I went early to get reservations. As I was sitting there all by my lonesome I came up with a funny idea. What if we secretly told our waitress that a random person at the table was celebrating their birthday today? The face on that individual would be priceless when they are trying to figure out why they are singing her "Happy Birthday", when in fact her birthday was not even this month!

Since we had a larger group, they separated us into two tables. As we were waiting for others to arrive, I pitched my idea to the table. Liz instantly thought it was a great idea, so she picked out a woman named Jenny at the other table. As we were finishing up dinner, she told the waitress about the "birthday" and the waitress said she would arrange it. Soon after, the wait staff came out with balloons, ice cream and a candle and announced to the whole restaurant that Jenny was celebrating her 21st birthday today! I couldn't stop laughing as we joined in with the song and clapping. During the celebration, I heard Sheri (who sat next to Jenny) say to us "Good job, guys!". She sincerely thought it was Jenny's birthday! That made me laugh even harder!!!

Then, I looked at Jenny's face to see what strange looks she was having. To my surprise she looked sincerely touched! She was saying "thank you" and acting like it was really sweet that they were singing to her! I was floored. Could it really BE her birthday?

As they wait staff was finishing, Liz went over to Jenny and asked "When WAS your birthday?"

Jenny's answer?


I could not believe it!!!!!!!!!!

What a funny random thing for us to do and even more strange that Liz just HAPPENED to pick Jenny!

Makes me think that someone up ABOVE was laughing just at hard! AT US!!! :)


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