Sunday, March 11, 2007

New things to come

Whenever someone has asked what my favorite season is, I have always replied spring and fall. The more I have thought about the impending spring, however, I have decided that spring is most certainly my favorite. There is something about the slow warmth and disappearing snow that brings an anticipation. Its as though my senses were asleep during the winter and now they are being prodded with smells of fresh air, warmer breezes and buds slowly beginning to form. Though all is still brown, we know that the greener grass lay just under there dormant. I am so anxious to get my hand back into the soil and plant color around our home. I look forward to choosing a lighter coat to wear and then not needing one at all as the sun begins to creep closer to the earth. All of this makes me long for winter to make its exit.

As I have pondered the excitement I feel towards new things, my thoughts have drifted to the children of Tara Grant. Their mother was murdered by their father about 5 miles from our house. They too are experiencing very new feelings and sights. Their anxiousness does not stem from the grass that will return for them to play in, but questions of where mommy and daddy are and where their new home will be. They should be ready to pull out their tricycles and swings, but instead they can't even go back to the garage where those things are stored. Hopefully they will never have to. I have been so heartbroken for those precious children who lost both of their parents. My heart aches as I think of how they will be told about what happened. I don't know whether it has already been done or perhaps a few years down the road, but either way, they will suffer knowing their parents are gone. What a terrible outcome for those little ones.

Though I will still look forward to what is to come, I won't forget to pray for those that are dreading what horror they are leaving behind. May God give that family peace in the transition they all face.


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