Monday, April 02, 2007


I am growing more and more excited for our road trip down to Florida. I sincerely think I am more anxious for the trip down then even the thought of the beaches and sun! There is something about packing for a long trip that brings back all the long trips my family and I would make down to Oklahoma as a kid. Sure the trip was a bit stinky driving through the farm areas and a bit boring once you hit the plains (and of course add in the fact that I was drugged up on Dramamine),but the idea of discovering new and interesting places fascinates me. I have become a photographer in our family in that I love to document every event we do together. Sometimes its just watching the kids enjoy themselves in the newly fallen snow. Other times it entails going to the apple orchard and catching those fun moments climbing trees or tasting a freshly picked apple. Now I will have the opportunity to capture my kids meeting new friends, seeing Nashville in all it glory and finally their first steps in the ocean. I couldn't be happier to do laundry and begin packing things. The new adventure begins in only 4 days!!!


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