Friday, January 20, 2006

For those of you who have not read my previous post you need to do that before reading this one.

(Patiently humming the Jepardy theme song)

Okay. Hopefully you are done!

Well, two days after writing my previous post a very strange thing took place. I walked into work and the new manager was in the back of the house (technical term for dishwashing area). As soon as he saw me exclaimed, "Kim, I have to see a picture of your kids!"

I could not speak for a moment because my brain was shortly stunned. I have never spoken to him about my family, being married or anything really and my last encounter with him made it obvious that he was oblivious to all of the above.

After I recovered a bit I said "ok?" and of course pulled out pictures of the most beautiful children ever put into a photograph. Several other employees gathered around. The funniest reaction was Ana, who only speaks a bit of english. She was trying to understand what we were talking about and was very surprised that they were MY kids. The manager told me later that he had been talking to our General Manager, Brenda and she had told him I had kids to which he had responded "Like, young kids?", and she said "Not really!". He apparently was very shocked! Anyway, from that moment on he was extremely friendly with me. Funny how perspective changes everything!


At 3:52 PM, Blogger Sonflowergurl said...

Bwahahahaha!!! That's awesome! Isn't it funny? My hubby's well past his mid-30's (not 40 yet though) and still gets mistaken for our almost-11-year-old son's older brother, and recently some woman actually called them both (Jerry AND Nick) my "boys" when asking for a favor to get them to come and get a frog off of her car so it wouldn't die as she drove off from Wal-Mart!!! I don't think I look older than Jerry, but it's all in the perspective! (He had a baseball cap on, that makes it worse! lol)


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