Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The good the bad and the just plain different!

Four days and counting. Four days until Todd and I discover if God has given us the open door. It is so scary yet so very exciting. I desperately want to know where we will end up, but at the same time I am frightened at the possibilities.
Hannah and Caleb started school today. Hannah in third grade (yikes) and Caleb in 1st (double yikes). Funny, for several years now I have been thinking about what I would like to do when Caleb went to school full-time. Now, my thoughts are very far from what I will be doing but instead, where we will living, what church we will be a part of, and so on. I am disappointed that we will have to relocate during the school year (and most likely the beginning). Adjusting to a new teacher, schedule and friends isn't easy. Doing it twice- even worse. Somehow, I have managed to keep my fears underneath the surface so that I can instead encourage the kids that each change will be exciting.
I felt so at home at Center Point Church. The people were so wonderful! The church's vision fits great with Todd's. It felt so comfortable to talk with the staff and volunteers. Even the area felt familiar. I'm just not sure what God has in mind. As long as He is in it, I want to go!!!


At 2:16 PM, Blogger Sonflowergurl said...

Kids are more resilient than we give credit sometimes. With all of the changes our family has dealt with the past 18 months, my kids are still happy and healthy. They were in a new school for the first 2 weeks this year, and then moved and have completed 2 more weeks at their current school--they've both done really well. I think the more positive we are about the situations, the more the kids will feel okay with what's going on. When I'm negative, the kids start stressing. Just keep that in mind, and they will adjust quickly! Can't wait to hear "where" you're going!!!

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