Monday, August 01, 2005

more thoughts

There is a strange and sad sight outside our kitchen window. Where green lucuous grass used to grow, a bed of dirt and mud puddles now lie. Not quite what I had thought of the many times I mowed the grass this summer. It makes me glad we fought off the calls for lawn service, too. But under all the brown mass is a brand new septic tile field! Two beautiful (if that word can be used when associated with waste) well constructed lines that will prevent any further water leakage, laundry pile ups and most importantly forbid the sale of our house. One step toward the big decisions that follow.
Our house has been up for sale for almost three weeks and we haven't had any bites yet and I am getting a little discouraged. We priced our house really low, yet we still are waiting for someone to come and look. Our mortgage payment rose $100 this month (thanks to adjustable rates) and we couldn't pay the previous amount on time. We desperately need to get out from under this stressful obligation, but for some reason God has not rescued us yet. I am fearful that I may need to stay behind while Todd takes up a new position somewhere far away. I don't want to be negative and lose faith. I don't want to feel doubled over in worry and stress when I think of all the bills that are not paid. I just need peace that all of this will somehow come together in God's perfect way.


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