Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Boy

(Caleb is the cute one in the center!)

I just realized that Hannah has been the center of several blogs lately so I wanted to add some great things that Caleb has accomplished. Caleb has been playing for the first time with Upward flag football. He loves football and several people have said they noticed that Caleb has a natural ability. Though his team has not won a game all season, I love what he has learned. They teach that winning is not as important as doing your best, having a good attitude and being a good sport. At the end of each game the coaches award stars to each player they feel reflects those qualities. This week, Caleb got 4 flags (one after falling down and getting back up) and he was awarded "Best Defense" and "Best Effort". I really love this league and can't wait for Caleb to start Basketball in December.


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