Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Soccer Mom Club Here I Come!

In the last week, I have graduated into another level of motherhood. My kids have been growing so quickly and I have left so many other "exclusive mom clubs" (preschool moms, nursing moms, kindergarten moms)that I was beginning to think that this new "club of mom-hood" was not at all exciting. There are no more fun play groups to attend, nurseries to rock our babies together in and no more reason to cry when my children get on the bus. Life is as it is and there have been no huge changes in the last two years. That was however, until I discovered the club of clubs. It is warmly referred to as "the soccer moms". It is so extremely thrilling to watch our son in his sharp uniform and cleats run like crazy after a ball with 10 other boys most smaller then him. I find myself screaming like a mad woman when any attempt is made to get that prized ball across the center line. Even more so, when it involves my favorite red-haired boy. I love the positive atmosphere that permeates the field. The kids are smiling from ear to ear as they hear their name called from the side lines. Though so far they have not scored a single goal, I could not be prouder of Caleb. He has made this new arena of parenthood worth every minute!


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