Monday, July 24, 2006

He's not done yet.

This will be my first attempt to type with both hands so if this is short, I hope you will understand why. Today, I was released from the blue fiberglass cast that had been my elbow's protector for almost two weeks. My arm feels really weak and terribly uncomfortable but the fact that this is 4 weeks earlier than the ER predicted makes it worth every strain.

(I have now resorted to typing one handed.)
Two weeks ago to the day (and almost to the time) the ladder that I was coming down fell over and my body fell with it. I sustained three fractures in my elbow (ya, it hurt) bruises and a few scrapes. Amazingly, my head, though it hit twice during the impact, was not visibly bruised, swollen or injured. When I knew I was going to fall I remember saying "Oh crap!". LOL I guess it could have been worse! As soon as I hit the ground I slowly raised up and tried to make my way carefully into the house. Grabbing numerous ice packs and a few towels I laid on the couch in slow motion and put them where it hurt the most. As soon as I tried to move my left arm, I knew I had done something serious.

What made me the most upset was not my throbbing elbow or the scrapes, but the thought that a moment ago I could have died. It frightened to imagine my kids coming home from their friends and upon my not answering their cries, finding me in the garage, on the cement bleeding from my head.

How grateful I am for friends and family who feed us, watched the kids, sent flowers or cards and said wonderfully nice things.

How amazingly grateful I am that God did not think I was done here yet.


At 5:28 PM, Blogger Todd Porter said...

and i am very glad that He didn't think you were done here yet.

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Cathy said... I'm nearly crying! I've said from the beginning I'm so glad it wasn't worse and you landed on your elbow for the most part. I hope it starts to feel better soon!

At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe this,I was doing a search through the blogs to see if anyone has the same injury and you do!!!!!! I am in a cast as well just like yours and also fell from a ladder fixing the drain on my roof.I am David from N.Y 26 and this is my first broken bone and boy does it suck as you know,especially in the summer!My cast is black by the way,blue doesn't look bad,lol.A pain not just to type but to do anything!!!!Anyway you can e-mail me,have a good day.


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