Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Two weeks ago, I received the phone call I had been expecting for almost two years. It was partially a relief, yet I couldn't help fighting the sadness that a great woman of God had been lost here on earth. It was over 13 years ago that I first met Joani. I was a college student needing a part time job and a friend of mine had suggested I call her. She was a christian woman who ran her own daycare in her home for over 20 years. What first amazed me about her was the sense of strength that radiated through her. She had suffered a divorce and was a breast cancer survivor and yet instead of being bitter or beaten down those things seemed to build her up. She had a huge love for children and the kids under her care loved her just as much back. For the last time, the cancer that she had battled for so long reared up and her life ended in peace. I know that she is wonderfully happy and rejoicing to be where she is. I hope that one day, my legacy will be even a small fraction of what she has left behind.


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