Friday, February 29, 2008

We Got Taken Part 2

If you haven't read my post about our furnace incident, please scroll down and read it first. For those of you who are up to date, here is the latest.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business bureau and told them about what happened. I told them I wanted a refund of $44.95 and also $65.00 to cover the expense of having Air Conditioning Engineers come out to fix what was happening. I received a call today from the company who caused the problems in the beginning this afternoon. The man wanted me to explain what happened and then in the middle of my explanation he handed the phone to the manager. I had to rehash what happened and then listen to him tell me what a great company they were and how he honestly thought this was a scam. I wanted to say "who would scam someone for $100?!" Instead, I told him I had pictures of the damages and that all I could go by is what happened and what Air Conditioning Engineers told me had happened. He seemed to want to get the conversation over because he continued to interrupt me and asked "How can we make this go away?". I told him he can reimburse me what we paid his company and that I would be satisfied. Then I agreed to report to the BBB that they had resolved the issue. He agreed to send me a $50 check tomorrow.

What irritated me the most, was not only his accusation but that he tried to make it appear that his company has a perfect record and that he wasn't responsible for what happened. I might have believe him except that they had 11 complaints against them on the BBB website as well as only negative feedback on That alone made me believe that he is not as legit as he tried to make himself. Especially when his repeated argument was that they had been in business for 5 years. Five years does not make your business reputable and does not make you an expert in furnaces.

With all that said, we are suppose to receive a check in the next few days and I have made my own personal decision not to post any more bad reviews on them. However, I certainly won't recommend them just in case my intuition is correct.


At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Adam McLane said...

Well, I am going to say it. If they have 11 complaints on file with the BBB, that's probably 1100 unreported ones. Like Kristen mentioned, I'd recommend the company we used last time. They weren't cheap but they sure did a nice job.

At 9:33 PM, Blogger Kim said...

Very true. Very true.
We liked Air Conditioning Engineers too. Very professional and the woman who made the appt. for us even told me they had a coupon in the yellow pages.


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