Friday, February 15, 2008

Releasing the Bird

Last night, before I turned out the living room light, I glanced into our parakeet's cage to say goodnight. He was sitting on his perch watching me with his tiny black eyes and quietly listening to my whispers. I feel very guilty that he has to live in this tiny wire cage all the time. Before we had Zoey, our 2 year old Silky-Chon dog, we would leave the cage open sometimes and let him fly around the room. Now, Zoey lives for the day when she can get a hold of the bird. As I observed his bright yellow tail and elegant wings, I felt sad that he didn't get to use them. There have been moments when I have had compassion on this small creature and wished I could release him out doors to fly with true freedom, the way he was intended to live. Then I look at the snow, and remember that not only would he freeze to death, but that he would not know how to build a shelter, find food or water and that his life would probably be cut short because he wasn't made to live in Michigan. He was created to flourish in warmer climates. As those thoughts went through my head, I began to apologize for giving him this life. Strangely, I became very deeply sorry for his imprisonment and with tears rolling down my cheeks, I began to pray a different prayer of revelation. I began to picture my husband, Todd, who was designed to minister to people. He heard God's calling as a young man, and went to college to become a pastor. He served in volunteer positions and later a part time job as a youth minister. Now, he is caught in a wire cage of life where he is working in a manufacturing business. Its not what he was designed to do. I know he is dying inside to go beyond his current situation and spread his wings and fulfill the Designer's Plan. I prayed that God would not let him forget what he was made for, that this cage he is in now, is only temporary. I prayed that God would prepare the proper place for Todd to begin ministering, not send him out into an environment that would not suit him. As I finished my prayer, it seemed like an envelope of peace surrounded me. Its as if I could feel God's arms there reassuring me that it was all temporary. Its funny how God can use simple things like a bird, to remind us of His faithfulness.


At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Amy said...

That's a beautiful picture of your parakeet. I sometimes feel that way about Kylie, but she's got a big cage and I let her out as often as I can. She seems happy.

But people should not be in cages. I'm praying for Todd and you always.

Thanks for you sweet thoughts and your beautiful compassionate heart.


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