Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Portable potty...check!

I have been feeling like a tornado has hit my brain lately with all the crazy planning going on for our renovations. Yesterday, I even decided to throw in "painting the living room" and spent the day getting paint on the walls as fast as I can.

I am a "list" person and so I have created one for this weekends' adventure. Most of the supplies are still sitting at Home Depot or in friends' garages, but I was able to mark off a few things. We bought a pretty cherry vanity and wall unit over the weekend as well as the medicine cabinet and light fixture. I have the tile picked out and the tub chosen, but since both are pretty heavy, I am waiting until Todd and I can go together with a truck.

One of the big items on my list was taking care of the "lack of a toilet" situation. I decided to call a portable toilet company and for $75 we are renting one for the weekend. This will makes things a bit easier for us as well as our dear friends who are graciously spending the weekend helping us.

Lastly, I went by Sam's Club on my way home from work and picked up all sorts of bagels, fruits, drinks and so on to feed our hungry workers.

The list is still very full, but I feel confident that we will get everything "checked" off in time.


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