Saturday, May 17, 2008

D-Day is here!

Our renovation weekend has begun! It didn't start out as quickly as we would have liked (we had to make two Home Depot trips before beginning).

Friday, Todd and I began to take off the paneling and the vanity. We have two friends, Matt and Tim who offered to help with the demolition and construction. When the guys were able to finally get to work it was already 9 pm, but they worked hard and got quite a lot ripped out. Unfortunately, it seemed the more we tore out, the more problems and need for trips to Home Depot.

My mom and dad were suppose to take the kids for the weekend, but sadly, my mom came down with a 24 hour flu and the kids had to stay here over night. Caleb was overjoyed to help and promptly found his tool kit, a dust mask, sunglasses (for safety) and a pair of mittens. The guys were gracious enough to put him to work and he happily carried pieces of dry wall and plaster out to the garage. Bedtime was not easy because their bedrooms are right across from the bathroom so they slept on the couches. My mom called this afternooon to say she was better so they are now with my parents and out of the crazy mess here.

I have not been able to contribute very much so far except to provide food and make a total of seven trips to Home Depot. Right now, the guys are actually working on reconstructing the wall facing the outside. The wood and window all had to be replaced due to rot and age. Our budget is already shot. Thats what I hear happens when you tear out a 50 plus year old bathroom.

More updates tomorrow!


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